TomTect contruction set

tomtectOne of the best presents my son received this Christmas is a box of  TomTect, a contruction game I had never heard of before.
The box contains small pine boards (from renewable resources) and plastic crowbars which join the boards together– and that’s it! It’s so simple, so ingenious and so stylish!
My son jumped to it and started building immediately — a chair, an airplane… mostly simple things, but I just discovered that from the website you can download pdf instructions on how to build more complicated objects.
This game was invented by Tom van der Bruggen, a Dutch architect who moved to France and built a castle over a ruined farm. He is also the inventor of another contruction game called Kapla, which has been hugely successful in France.
My first impression of this toy could not be more favourable; it’s one of those toys that will last for ages and the perfect thing to get the dads involved too!



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January 21, 2010

Dutch, and an architect! Can’t get any better! 😉
I’ve heard of Kapla, but this is new to me! Looks very cool!!!

January 21, 2010

This sounds great. It reminds me of Jenga (I think it’s called) which my mother-in-law bought for my eldest – except this looks even cooler. Still searching for extra gifts for his 4th birthday so I’ll have to check this out…

By the way, this is a fabulous blog. Please stop by my new blog when you get a minute.

January 25, 2010

It looks very cool. I’m sure my boys would be very into this! I’ll add it to the birthday list.

April 11, 2010

My son spend hours with constructions. I just both this, and he love it!
Hope this would be apreciated by many

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