Collingwood Children’s Farm

Como-Collingwood-childrens-farm-003Nestled in a bend of the Yarra River, amongst the river red gum and paperbark trees (a very typical Australian setting!) is the Collingwood Children’s Farm…. a little slice of country life right in the heart of Melbourne, only 4 kilometres from the CBD. It’s a magical place for city children (and adults) and an absolute favorite with family and friends.

Here, children can get up close and personal with all the typical farmyard animals and immerse themselves in farm chores.  They can get their hands dirty milking the cows, bottle feeding the lambs, waddling with the ducks, patting the rabbits, feeding grass to the horses and all the while marvel at the sight and smell of the pigs.  They can also look for eggs — a great way to teach them that eggs and milk don’t come out of cartons (as I am lead to believe some ‘other’ children think is the case… not mine, of course! )

And, after all that exhausting animal frolicking, if you haven’t brought your own picnic, there is the delicious Farm Cafe where you can enjoy a decent coffee made with Eureka beans and a hearty farmer’s breakfast or lunch, always reliably good.

Needless to say, this is truly a hidden oasis for us Melbourne city dwellers.  Every second Saturday of the month the farm hosts a wonderful farmers’ market selling fresh produce from the farm and from dozens of other Victorian producers. I am always gutted when I miss this. And despite a little mishap with an enthusiastic cow I was attempting to milk several months ago (I won’t divulge but it didn’t end so well for me), it really is one of my favorite places to take my children. We always have a ball.

ps. Should you happen to be a germaphobe like me, don’t forget this!

– Sara


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January 17, 2010

This sounds lovely Sara! I grew up in a little village, my dad was the local vet (so yes, I did know where the eggs and the milk came from!), but now that my kids grow up in ‘big’ city Amsterdam I love taking them to a city farm. They won’t let you milk the cow though…. (And yes, they can kick sidewards!)

February 16, 2011

What a lovely place this sounds! We run a children’s farm park in the UK, and so know how important it is for kids to develop an understanding and appreciation of nature early on – long may it continue!

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