The Toadstool Tea

DSC_0053I can’t believe my daughter has just turned one — time has flown. Now I know a one-year-old might not appreciate a proper birthday party, but I can’t resist one.  And in the spirit of being ‘girly’ there was nothing for it but a fairy tea-party, to be more specific The Toadstool Tea (for those of you unfamiliar with fairy-lore, The Toadstool Tea is a secret party for all the fairies, elves and imps to celebrate the Fairy Queen’s birthday.  It takes place under the thicket deep in the middle of the forest (according to Mo)).

Toadstools, it turns out, are not only a really great theme for a party but also rather fashionable.  In my month or so of preparation I saw them everywhere (I couldn’t resist adding a cute Toadstool money box from Cath Kidston (stores only) and this adorable Shinzi Katoh print to her presents). Toadstools also make for a fun theme because they are easy to draw and craft. Here are some other toadstool ideas…

toadstool 2I made felt toadstools for the invitations (super easy) and Fimo toadstools for decoration (super, super easy and fun — haven’t Fimo’d for years!)

The fairies ate Toadstool Cupcakes (vanilla cupcakes with bright red vanilla icing from the very brilliant Primrose Bakery Cupcake Cookbook decorated with white chocolate drops) and each got a Toadstool cookie in their goody-bag, made using this recipe and this Toadstool cutter.  I did also make Toadstools using quail’s eggs and half a tomato perched on top, dotted with mayo but Mums and Dads seemed to go for these rather than kids.

We had a lovely day and who wouldn’t with their house all a flutter with 1 – 3 year-old girls and boys all dressed up as fairies and elves?

-Mo. x


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January 14, 2010

I LOVE all these darling ideas. So cute!
Wish I could have joined you ‘under the thicket’ for a toadstool tea!

January 14, 2010

Mo this is divine, you are sooo clever.
Love it all….
Makes me feel like getting creative again with a kids party but I need to wait until September…sigh!

Heather Roberts
January 14, 2010

I love it!
I held a toadstool themed party for my daughter’s 1st birthday too, it’s the perfect theme. We even got had the Early Learning Centre toadstool wendy house/tent and all the little 1 year olds had lots of fun crawling through it!

January 14, 2010

Oh WOW! I love this! My son turns 1 next week. You have inspired me to bake toadstool cupcakes for his party (and maybe a green toad cake to make it a little more boy-ish). Fabulous idea!

January 14, 2010

So so cute! Wow, you are amazingly creative!

January 16, 2010

Very cute!!!
This download from Homemade Happiness would go perfect with it! You gave me an excellent idea for Pim’s 3rd birthday!!

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