Ola and Olek

January 14, 2010

T003We do get really spoiled, writing for Babyccino… it so much fun discovering lovely new kid’s brands as a job and finding out more about them. Before I had kids I seriously had no idea that there were so many great brands out there, ranging from cheap and cheerful to seriously luxurious.

My newest discovery is Ola and Olek, the brain child of a UK designer who is doing some phenomenal designs for kids. The clothes are quirky, fun, simple and easy-to-wear (lets face it, the kids need to feel comfortable). Eliza, the designer, is really particular about the fabrics she uses — they are all great quality but also very practical. As much as she can, she avoids using fabrics that needs to be hand-washed or dry cleaned.

I only wish my kids wouldn’t grow so quickly and would get more wear out of their clothes. It seems like they only wear their clothes for a couple of weeks and then, at a blink of an eye, nothing fits anymore!

You can find the list of Ola and Olek stockists here!

– Emilie

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