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Bilingual alphabet book

sweetdesignsAlthough my husband and I speak English for work on a daily basis, our children speak only Italian. We do make an effort by teaching them a word every now and then and by showing them some English DVDs, and we truly welcome any activity which will help our kids learn a bit of English in a fun way.
That’s why we were so happy to receive a personalised bilingual alphabet book by Sweet Arts Design. The idea is as smart as it is simple! The book is a regular alphabet book with a picture for every word, but the smart idea was to use words that have the same initial in the different languages. Ours is, of course, an English-Italian one but you can also choose Spanish and French.

The books are printed to order so you can have it personalised with the child’s name, you can choose the picture on the cover, the background letter and the cover colour.
Books are either soft or hard-cover and you can order them from their website where you can also find loads of other items with their cheerful and sweet prints.



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January 14, 2010

hi ! it is a great idea ! i have tried to make it but it is impossible to see how it looks and what they mean by english-italian as language. how does it come out? do you have any example? thanks!!!!

January 14, 2010

Hello Enrica,

You can see samples the English only alphabet book on the website at http://www.sweetartsdesign.com. Just look in the left column for “Books”, then “Personalized Books”. You can also email me with what you would like and I would be happy to email you a few sample pages so you can see what your book would look like! Let me know if you have any other questions, I’d be happy to help!

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