Dabbawalla bags

bagMy daughter’s new treasured possession is this cool rucksack from Dabbawalla Bags. It’s made of neoprene (like wetsuits) which is lead and PVC free and it’s stain-resistant and machine washable.
The name ‘Dabbawalla’ was inspired by one of the founder’s travels in India where she was fascinated by the complex system of lunch-box delivery men known as dabbawallas.
The bags are made in Taiwan in a women’s cooperative which pays fair wages. Dabbawalla also participates in fundraising activities by donating their bags to charity auctions — these bags are as ethical as they are functional (and hard-wearing!).
There are plenty of designs to choose from, all of them cute and colourful. They use the appliqués technique for their pictures instead of printing and it makes them really special.
You can find them on their American website, in the online European boutique Shak-Shuka or in a few other places around the world!



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January 7, 2010

Great article! Although the link to our site is incorrect – it should be:

January 8, 2010

very cool! I’ll try to find it here in Milan

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