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yhst-71836476283941_2081_18955559My name is Dina, I live in New York and I am a Moomah-holic.

When I was in the other day I finally asked who did the graphics for the place as I love everything on the walls.  The owner, who is the mom of two young children in the neighborhood,  has clearly thought of every little detail of the environment down to the take-away coffee cups (which are almost too beautiful to toss.)    I always go there to buy little note cards and I was so excited to see that the designer of all the amazing stuff in Moomah has a website.   Screech Owl Designs has beautiful prints,  t-shirts and stationery.   I especially love their note cards —  I think it would even be nice to frame a few and hang on the wall, and I am planning to get some as birthday invitations this year.



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Shalene Roberts
January 6, 2010

Just FYI, the hyperlink leads to, which doesn’t exist. It’s, no \s\ on design. Just wanted to note that in case others were looking for the site!

January 6, 2010

just to let you know you’ve got the Screech Owl link incorrect – it doesn’t have an “s” on the end…

January 6, 2010

Thanks girls, it’s fixed!!

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