Around the world to the Southern Hemisphere

January 4, 2010

TravelI was having lunch with my husband one day last winter, probably complaining about the gross weather, and probably swearing for the umpteenth time that it was ‘the last winter I’ll spend in London’. Somehow we started talking about Australia and how we had never been and how we would love to spend some time there.  I (very optimistically and probably half kidding) suggested we take some time off work to enjoy an extended holiday in Australia… and soon before our kids have to be in school.

To my great surprise, my husband the planner, the never-make-a-decision-without-a-spreadsheet type, agreed. And it was right then that we decided to spend the following winter in the sunny southern hemisphere! (!!!!)

We leave on January 1st and we will return to London on March 21st (the first day of Spring!). We’ll be spending two months of our trip in Australia, driving up the eastern coast… in a campervan! Crazy, I know.  But we figured it was the best way to see the country and  enjoy a more relaxed agenda.  Plus, I’m sure my boys will love it — a ‘house on wheels’?! —  they could not be more excited about it.

Living out of a (small!) campervan with three young kids will be interesting, I’m sure. Not to mention all the long-haul flights and jet-lag! But we’re ready for our adventure. Ready for sunshine. Ready to explore. Ready to learn. Ready to spend time as a family without interruptions/distractions. Ready to live in the moment and soak it all up!

First stop: New Zealand! Stay tuned… I will be publishing our adventures here on Babyccino Kids! I’ll be posting about our travels and any other travel tips and and tricks we discover!

xoxo Courtney

p.s. Do you have any tips for me?! Any advice? I would love to hear anything you want to tell!


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January 4, 2010

Congratulations! I’m sure it’ll be a great experience for you and your family.
I love Australia. If you go to Queensland (I guess you will), there’s an interesting sport called Paronella Park.
I also loved the Penguin Parade in Phillip Island and Healesville Sanctuary (near Melbourne)
Enjoy your trip!

January 4, 2010

How exciting! How old are your boys? When I was eight (and my brothers six and two) we travelled around Australia for 6 months in a caravan. It was an AMAZING experience, one which has stayed with me the many years since. You will have a fantastic time!

Are you coming to Tasmania? If so, maybe I’ll bump into you!

January 4, 2010

I am very excited for you and very envious! So glad you will be updating while you are away.

And just so you know, it’s very cold in london right now. 🙂 you guys made the right call!

January 4, 2010

You will love it but beware the flies they are the peskiest creatures on the planet. You must come check out Villa and Hut at the new South Wharf in Melbourne. The best Chai in Australia. Not to mention I designed their Chic Happy Summer Takeaway cup.

January 4, 2010

oh you will have a super time! i’m a brisbane gal myself, and don’t worry about the confined space of the campervan – the weather will be warm that the kids will want to spend their time outside!

my advice is when you arrive go to one of those cheap $2 shops and buy some little buckets and spades for the beach sandcastles. Make sure you keep them in LOTS of SPF 30+ sunscreen, and (even better) keep their hat on all the time and buy a “sunshirt” (a lycra shirt which blocks out the sun and is what all the cool surfies wear over here!)

have fun!

January 4, 2010

Wow, fantastic! I travelled Australia’s east-coast without kids, and will do it again when our kids are older. I loved Sydney, for its many beaches – especially Bondi Beach, for Manly & Manly Beach, for the Botanical garden (by the Opera house) and just for the atmosphere. I wish you a wonderful journey & adventure, and look forward to reading your posts.

January 4, 2010

Wow, wish I would have spoken with you sooner… That’s exactly what Ryan and I did two summers ago. Campervan throughout New Zealand, Melbourne, Great Ocean Road, and Sydney.
Good luck with the kiddos, sorry I missed you before you left.

January 4, 2010

if you go to drwin, repellent is an absolute necessiy !! And stop by at the coolspot for a nice ice cream !!!!

January 4, 2010

DH & I spent 6 months doing this (bought the fully outfitted van in Sydney in Jan 2006, returned/sold it there after traveling the perimeter of the country – with side trips to do the perimeter of Tasmania & trip into the middle for Uluru – in July 2006). It was the trip of a lifetime! I applaud you all the more for doing it with two littles in-tow. But, we will plan to do it or something like it again with our now 3 yr. old. My biggest tip is get a small cooler that can plug into the van lighter to keep a few things cold (even if it’s just one bottle of water – warm water is so disappointing when you’re really thirsty). And keep meals super simple! We spent way too much time managing/paying for expensive ice in the cooler and cooking over a camp stove. Have a blast!!

January 4, 2010

Yey! Off you guys go! I cannot wait to hear about all the adventures you guys are going to get up to! Have a great, great time!

January 4, 2010

I am a Seattle girl myself, married and Aussie and am now living just north of Manly. For beaches with kids in Sydney, it’s hard to beat Freshwater, calm and shallow with a great cafe (Pilu). We’ve done a number of day trips and explored the coast with our two little ones. My fav places in NSW include: Blueys Beach (north of Newcastle, before Forster), Bangalow (just outside of Byron, in fact I would recommend skipping Byron altogether and checking out this sleeping little town in the hinterland). Casurina Beach has the best gelato I’ve had in Australia. Worth a stop for dinner at Finns or for an afternoon stroll on the beach with a big cone! Have fun! -kb

January 6, 2010

Kelly, I absolutely LOVE Bangalow! We just spent some time up there over Christmas and I can’t recommend it highly enough. I do love Byron though (it’s the wannabe hippy in me). x

January 6, 2010

Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

Kelly — We will definitely check out Bungalow — we’ve heard from a few others that this is a must-visit. And Gelato –!!??!! We will definitely hit up Casurina Beach!

Thank you!
xoxo C

January 7, 2010

You will love Australia and NZ! Have a fabulous time and I am looking forward to hearing about your adventures.

January 8, 2010

WOW!!! you must be a very interesting person to know!!! what a great idea! I’ve travelled around australia with two girlfriens some years ago and it was an absolutely wonderful month!!! I remeber many many spots: kangaroo island, blue mountains, kakadoo natinal park …the olgas (buch better than the more popular ayers rosk)
have a great time, your sons will thank you forever!

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