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Lakeshore Learning

gg731_fThis morning, conveniently before we were about to leave the house, the girls decided that they were going to take out ALL of their puzzles and “build a bridge to a princess island” across the entire apartment with the pieces.  While I didn’t want to interrupt their burst of ill-timed creativity I was not all that excited about who would be cleaning it all up.   Anyway – while scanning down the “princess bridge”,  I was reminded of one of my favorite on-line haunts for puzzles and crafts.  Lakeshore Learning is my go-to source for amazing games, paper products and crafts.  The website is first and foremost a resource for school teachers and most of the items that you will find are used in classrooms.  A few things that I literally can not live without are the peel and stick boards and the bags of craft materials.  The other items that are great are the early learning toys, like the one pictured.  All in all, everything that you will find on the site is is high quality, mindful and engaging.



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January 9, 2010

Haha I can just picture the puzzle creation being made in my house. So cute. I love Lakeshore as well!

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