absorba vintage.jpgYou cannot get a more classic, sensible French brand than Absorba! I grew up wearing Absorba underwear, T-shirts — the lot! During my childhood Absorba was synonymous with sensible cotton basics. I would have never considered it fashionable… I can even remember begging my mum to upgrade me from Absorba to Petit Bateau (I guess I was a little bit label conscious back then)!

Absorba was started by a French couple in post-world war Europe who had visited the USA and realized the lack of simple, white comfortable cotton clothes for European children.  I’m sure my mom grew up wearing this stuff, so no wonder she dressed my brother and me head-to-toe in it.

Absorba is now celebrating its 50th birthday and has brought out a limited collection of its finest retro pieces.  And surprise, surprise — now I find it ultra fashionable! Cool, bold prints and cute cuts – I do love the ’70s revival, especially when it comes to kids clothes.

– Emilie


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January 4, 2010

Emilie, I grew up in Australia (way way back in the 70’s!) wearing Petit Bateau and Absorba! Of course at a premium given that they were ‘imported’ but my Mother loved all the French imports….for good reason too, in those days we didn’t have the Australian made options we have now and their quality was like no other.
I personally love the Petit Bateau plain white cotton t-shirts – they never seem to lose their shape despite being immersed in Napisan sometimes for days (until I remember them!) (:

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