Make your own snowman garland!

Snowman garlandWe got a touch of snow here in Seattle last week, but sadly not enough to make a snowman…  So we stayed inside and made paper snowmen instead! This snowman garland is a wintery version of the bunting idea Emilie wrote about last summer — where everyone in the family decorates their own piece.

Each of us decorated at least one snowman and then we strung them all up on a string.  My kids LOVED this project (my 4-year-old made 5 snowmen, giving them each a different facial expression)!  It’s a fun way to get the whole family involved and it’s funny to see all the different creations.

To make your own snowman garland you can print a few copies of this snowman template (we used a heavier card stock paper) and then cut them out and decorate as you wish. Punch holes in the sides of the snowmen, and string them up! It’s super cute!



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December 27, 2009

I love this ´can’t wait until my kids are old enough o be able to draw properly.

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