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A really cool (and big!) 2010 kid’s calendar

Wolf Erlbruch Kinderzimmer KalenderFor my son’s first Christmas his Aunt (in Berlin) bought him a beautiful kinderzimmer (Kid’s Room) calendar, illustrated by Wolf Erlbruch — the gentleman who illustrated The Story of the Little Mole Who Knew it Was None of His Business (which if you don’t know you should probably stop reading and take yourself to the nearest book-retailer or library to find a copy).

I secretly hoped this would become the annual present from his aunt, but as it wasn’t last year, I have decided to take matters into my own hands and buy him the 2010 calendar this year.  It seems they only do it in German — but even if Deutsch is not one of your household languages the illustrations compensate by far.

The topic for 2010 is ‘big and small’ and the illustrations are divine — my favourites are the sausage dog and the fish, and the moose and the owl in the tree (how great is a world where a moose and an owl sit chatting in a tree!).  I also love that this calendar comes in A2 size — so it really makes a statement on the wall.

You can buy it from Amazon (UK) . Or, if you prefer to pay in euro, from Amazon.de.



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December 27, 2009

Another beautiful find – I love Babyccino! Thanks!

December 27, 2009

I definitely want to buy this!

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