Gift ideas for the Mini Master Chef

200809224091400167-450x600My family is in the grip of ‘Masterchef’ fever! My kids are so enthused by this reality television program that I practically have my youngest deriding me for not making the terrine for his school lunch. And while the downside for me is that the bar has been raised (my rather unspectacular cooking now looks even more… unspectacular), the show has reinforced the value of good eating, team-building and the importance of accepting constructive criticism.  My daughter particularly has been caught by the cooking bug. This morning she made us a lovely, albeit slightly burnt dish of scrambled eggs, grilled tomato, and baby spinach — we devoured it… every char-grilled morsel!

A friend recently introduced me to a great children’s cooking website called Wholesome Productions which creates a fabulous range of children’s cooking kits.  They also sell party cooking kits for those brave enough to host their own kid’s cooking party.

Kids_Pizza_Baking_Kit_900The Pizza Baking Kit (pictured) is particularly adorable because it comes in a genuine pizza box and includes an apron, chef’s hat, a pan, rolling pin and an easy-to-follow washable recipe book… a great present for this holiday season!  I have also found a ton of kid’s cooking utensils and baking sets at Mini Whisk and these are worth a mention because they come in a range of cool themes (Australiana, love hearts, flying etc.) and they are really well-priced too. Alternatively, add a cute little recipe book to some mini-sized cooking tools, or a little chef’s hat to a pint sized rolling pin and there you have some practical and fun gift ideas for all the aspiring master chefs out there!



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December 23, 2009

My little girl would love this!! She’s such a little cook, I think she might be a professional one day!!

December 24, 2009

Great post!
Is the 1st picture from the TV-show? I see a russian poster there on the wall.
Though I don’t have kids yet, love to read your blog! Thank you for the inspiration.
Mind you have a fan in Moscow.

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