Re-usable holiday wrapping

gift bagsIf you’re looking for an original AND environmentally friendly way to wrap your Christmas presents, and you’re moderately handy on a sewing machine, maybe these home sewn gift-bags are something for you!  I made them for my Godson and his big brother for Hanukkah, filled them with their presents and sent them off to London.  They’re really quite simple to make, and I like the fact that they can be re-used as pyjama-bags, toy-bags, sports-bags or the like.  I made mine approximately 25 x 35 cm finished (about 10″x14″), and used Bondaweb to iron the letters (remember to cut out mirrored letters!).

xxx Esther


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December 19, 2009

I love this eco-friendly wrapping. Thanks for the tip and Happy Holidays!

December 19, 2009

I love this idea!! I’ve been trying to be much more green with my wrapping. 🙂

December 19, 2009

This is so cute! You’re so crafty!!

December 19, 2009

Love these! I made some little Santa sacks that I am using for wrapping too. I think it is a fun way to give gifts, because like you said they can reuse them. Love the names on them!

December 19, 2009

It was so lovely that you made them for my boys! They are indeed used as pyjama bags, hanging proudly on their doors! I think for me it was the beauty of the wrapping, but also the knowledge that Esther made them with so much love! Jeffrey’s and David’s presents were letterly wrapped in your love, Esther! thank you so much!

December 19, 2009

Excellent idea! Thanks!

December 21, 2009

wonderful and smart idea!!! they could also be re-used for packing presents the following years.
I’ll keep in mind

December 21, 2009

Love the idea! Need to set up my sewing machine and start making some of these as Christmas is coming up quickly!

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