Removeez — remove with ease!

removeezHere’s a product that deserves a place in every family’s first-aid cabinet…  Removeez is a natural solution which removes everything from sticky tar and sap to permanent marker, tattoos, bandages, chewing gum, etc. One little bottle with many different uses. (Have you ever had to get chewing gum out of your hair? It’s not fun –I still have nightmares!)

Designed by California beach parents, Removeez is 100% natural and dermatologist tested. It’s made from a blend of citrus oils and plant extracts, and  naturally removes anything sticky or messy.  I even used it yesterday on myself after a painting project left my hands a mess. And I gave it the ultimate test when I used it to take a temporary tattoo off my son’s arm.  Works like a charm!



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December 5, 2009

This sounds brilliant. Can you get it in the UK? If not, will US Amazon ship to UK?

December 10, 2009

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for your comment!
I’m pretty sure Amazon US will ship to the UK.
But it also might be worth contacting them personally at:

They’re really friendly! And I know they’re hoping to sell their products in Boots soon!

xx Courtney

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