Introducing Mo

Mo in photobooth2Next month my family and I are going to take an extended holiday to the sunny southern hemisphere. I’ll be away for exactly 100 days, swapping the entire winter season for another summer. I could not be more excited! (More about my trip later.) But we thought it would be a good idea to bring in a fellow Londoner to ‘hold down the fort’ while I’m away, to become the voice from London for the next few months.

You will have heard me mention my friend Mo numerous times on Babyccino.  I wrote about her cute birthday party ideas and goodybag gifts. I’ve also raved about some of the cute little gifts she’s given us.  Mo is, without a doubt, the most inspiring mum I know.  She is crafty and clever, she’s fun and stylish, and she is the only person I know who is as obsessed with children’s books as I am! I have loved every suggestion she’s ever given me, and I know you will love her ideas just as much.

She’s an English girl married to a German, she’s a mother of two, and she lives in an old mill house in South London, so she’ll offer a new perspective on this enormous city. Welcome Mo!



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Kim Henderson
December 21, 2009

Hi Courtney, I read your post with great interest regarding your planned trip down under! My family & I are embarking on a similar trip in just a few weeks–we leave London in mid-January and are spending five months ‘down under’ on our way back to San Francisco. we are taking our two little kids (age 2 and age 9 months) and I am knee-deep in planning and organising as I write this! I would love to hear more about your trip and how you’re going to do it–particularly if you are moving around a bit with little ones? hope you will post a bit more soon?!

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