Last chance to win!

NaturalMat mattressJust a reminder…there’s only a few days left to win the natural mattress and bedding pack from Naturalmat. Such a cool give-away (our biggest one yet!), and from such a great company.

Naturalmat mattresses are all handmade from organic and sustainable sources of raw materials, all of which are completely biodegradable.  They are breathable, non-allergenic and naturally anti-dust mite.  I have their mattresses for my kids, and they are so great and so comfortable.

For the chance to win a custom-made mattress, click here! (The contest ends on December 1st.)



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Johanna Berman
November 28, 2009

Wow weeee!!! If I could win this I’d be the happiest person in the world. My sister is due her first baby in March and has 2nd, 3rd & even 4th hand-me-downs. I’d soooo love to make her feel so special and give her a gift as wonderful as this. Sleeping on such wonderful bedding is a good start for any little one in my book…. 🙂

Jo Berman

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