Sand Cookies

zandkoekjesI’m not sure where the name ‘sand cookies’ comes from, but my mum used to bake these cookies when I was little; I remember sitting on the kitchen counter helping her decorate the cookies with almonds and raisins… and making sure the dough was tasty, of course!

Yesterday I tried making them with my kids and it was a hit.  The recipe is quick and simple and the cookies just need 15 minutes in the oven, so you get fast results which is always a good thing when cooking with kids.  They’re tasty too and don’t require a lot of sugar.

Here’s the recipe:

  • 250 grams flour
  • 1 bag of vanilla sugar (or a teaspoon of essence)
  • 100 grams sugar
  • 125 grams butter
  • 1 egg

Mix all ingredients in a bowl (I used the hand mixer first and then kneaded the dough with my hands).  Roll out dough on a lightly floured surface, about ¼ inch or ½ cm thick.  Cut into shapes and decorate with walnuts, almonds and raisins.  Brush with some beaten egg to give a nice shine to the cookies.
You can also use my mum’s technique: roll the dough into a thick sausage (about 5 cm / 2″ diameter), put it in the fridge for 5 to 10 minutes and slice cookies from the sausage, about ¼ inch or ½ cm thick.  Decorate with almonds, walnuts and raisins and brush with egg.
The cookies need 15 minutes in a medium hot oven (200° C or 400° F).


xxx Esther

PS  For an easy-to-print PDF of this recipe, click here.


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November 20, 2009

Thanks! I’m not very good at baking cookies, but this recipe looks fun and not very tricky. Have a good week-end! 🙂

November 20, 2009

Fun! My boys will love this.

November 20, 2009

Cute, cute cookies

February 26, 2010

very yummy

June 22, 2011

[…] for him when we were in London last month, and we made and ate a whole batch of them. I used the sand-cookie recipe that I’ve written about earlier, and which is great because it’s easy and […]

Sabine Everett
February 7, 2017

I love the recipe for the sand cookies, and I think the faces you made with them look very cute! I am trying to zoom into the picture, did you brush egg wash on the ones you made for the party? They look paler. And did you put the eyes and mouth in before you baked them? My daughter would love those for her birthday! Will try this evening 🙂

Esther in Amsterdam
February 7, 2017

The ones I made for the party are without the egg, and yes, you make the faces before you bake. Happy birthday to your daughter!! 🙂 x

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