Tantrum-free hair products

Tantrum hair productsIt’s funny the things your kids notice. I recently tried out the new Tantrum range of hair products, and instantly my boys pointed out the ‘yummy’ smell of the bubbles! (I was more attracted to the ‘paraben and allergen-free’ qualities, but of course kids know nothing about that!)

Tantrum is a children’s hair salon here in London specially designed to make the hair-cutting experience a good one, both for you and for your child. As well as their King’s Road location, they have just set up a boutique in Hamleys, taking hairdressing to a whole new level.

The new range of hair products includes a shampoo, conditioner and a detangle spray which, according to a friend who has a daughter with super curly hair, actually works! (Emilie, you should check this out!)



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November 13, 2009

I noticed the bottle in your bathroom, it looks cute! I’m actually looking for a kid friendly detangler – my daughter doesn’t have curls but her hair is getting longer (yes, it took 4 years) and we’re having more trouble detangling it…

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