The Lunchbox

bPY-LBFRThe lunchbox. So much at stake. Such a reflection as to the type of parent you are. Such a public declaration of the inner core of your child’s personality.

While some parents opt for the simple, eco-friendly lunch “satchel” (yawn)… others may opt for a more elaborate plastic one in the shape of say, Hello Kitty’s head.   And yes….there are even those who will simply throw lunch into a brown bag and call it a day (oh, the humanity!).  Whatever the choice – just know that you are being judged.  I am not sure why this happened but I have amassed quite a bit of lunchboxes over the last few years — none of which really seemed to work out.    They were either too big and bulky or too small and flimsy.  This one from Pylones however seems to have hit the right spot on all fronts — and it’s cute!    It fits nicely into a small backpack and it has a detachable interior wall to separate hot from cold items.

From the cubby it quietly whispers: “Dina is a good parent, she cares very much that the grilled cheese does not heat up the juice box,  and her kids are really cool because they like bright colors and good quality products…..”

In all seriousness, I have road tested a bunch and this one is far and beyond the best for the pre-school years.  Not to mention the Foogoo thermos fits perfectly!



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November 10, 2009

I remember being a kid in the US and being sent off to school with a brown paper bag… and all I wanted was the Strawberry Shortcake metal lunch box all my friends had! I can only emphasise, when you are around 6, lunchboxes are very, very important!

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