Babyccino Birthday — Kid O educational toys

Kid-O productsI went to a friend’s house recently and she had a large collection of the Kid O educational toys for her daughter, and I was so blown away by the beauty of the toys and also by the concepts behind them. Kid O is dedicated to ‘enriching the play and learning experiences of preschool children at home’.  They take a very Montessori approach in helping to create confident, life-long learners.

The Kid O collection includes beautiful wooden puzzles, stacking toys, sorting games and blocks. They’re the type of toys that look great on a coffee table, but are truly designed for the benefit of children.

Since we’re celebrating our second birthday this week, I thought I would mention these toys… they’re perfect for a 2-year-old!



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November 8, 2009

soon available on LFG
all stock is in custom and should be available anytime this week – this brand is fab and will be exclusive to LFG in Europe – we met them in NYC in their shop and really likes each other’s concept
another great “rencontre”
take care the babyccino team! mx

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