Babyccino birthday — Personalised gift tags

gift-tagsLuckily in Italy the vast majority of shops will gift-wrap any item you buy as a present. Some are stylish wrapping jobs, some are simple boxes and sometimes there’s nothing more than a ribbon on a paper shopping bag.
But that’s normally enough for me; unlike Courtney, I’m not that good at wrapping plus I’m also not extremely organised with papers, ribbons and tags. Quite often my children bring gifts to their friends and the birthday wishes are written on the wrapping paper with a big marker (nice handwriting though!).
Things might slightly change, because now my children have a small supply of super cute personalised gift tags! Trendy Peas has  a vast selection of contemporary wall art and paper goods for children. The designs are chosen with children in mind — from letters and numbers, to safari and flowers, they have something for everyone.
I can’t wait for the next birthday party.



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November 4, 2009

It’s funny, it must be a cultural thing as I think over here in France there also isn’t such a big thing about cards, ribbons and wrapping!
Hilariously enough I’ve been known to give Courtney’s kids a present in a plastic bag…

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