Babyccino Birthday – Michela’s Top 5

It was hard to choose as always, but it was also nice looking back! Here are my top five favourites…

1.) A tutu for you by Emilie, because I can just feel the relaxed atmosphere in that English cottage in the evening (and the tutu is great too).
2.) Homemade maracas by Courtney, because it’s such a great project, of the kind I never do with my children.
3.) Auto trash by Esther, because it made me discover such a smart product that all families travelling by car most likely need.
4.) Sidney’s little star by Natalie, because it’s great to discover that people all over the world share the same views and have the same problems!
5.) A walk in New York by Courtney, because I love this book and so does my son. It’s such a sweet adventure (and Courtney’s book suggestions are always great).



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November 3, 2009

Thank you for sharing. I am always looking forward to find my Babbycino email in my Inbox in the morning!

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