A summer holiday memento

IMG_6951My friend Katja has the good fortune of being married to a Danish guy. Not only does this mean that her kids are going to be very, very tall, it also means that she gets to spend her summers in the lovely Danish countryside in a little thatched cottage on the beach.

The only problem is that even though the summers in Denmark can be beautiful, there is also a lot of rain to be dealt with… so coming up with great craft projects to keep energetic kids distracted is something Katja has become very good at.

This summer she cut up an old sheet into squares and got the whole family – from the 2-year-old to the grandparents – to draw on the squares with fabric markers. They then hung up the panels along a string as bunting. She showed me the results and I loved it! Her mother-in-law is now going to make a quilt out of the panels. A great memento of a great family summer holiday, don’t you think?



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October 31, 2009

It looks very creative

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