Super bib!

Bavetton bibThere have already been quite a few discussions about bibs here on Babyccino, and Esther has already revealed that the two of us are slightly obsessed (or nerdy, whichever you prefer).  All that aside, here is a bib that blows all other bibs out of the water: the Bavetton Original.

It’s a bib and also a tablecloth. It allows your messy little eater to eat as he/she pleases without spilling on the floor or making a mess of the table.  With two snap fasteners, the Bavetton bib creates a pocket between the child and the table, collecting all sorts of wonderful surprises!  The bib (created by a mom, of course) is a wipe-clean material and is light-weight and easy to roll up and take with you wherever you go. And, it comes in loads of cool colors — I have the fun multi-colored one.

This ‘bib expert’ gives it two thumbs up!

You can buy the Bavetton bib from SitOnDesign, or visit the website for other retailers.



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October 30, 2009

But probably not the best idea if your daughter likes to stand up and do a twirl mid dinner!

October 30, 2009

Ha! Yes, wouldn’t be good.
I think it’s probably best for the kids seated in a highchair!
Probably best for the kids aged 1-2, when they’re eating on their own and making quite a mess.

October 31, 2009

Hmmm, I could see my child standing up or jerking back really quickly and doing the “table cloth trick” and pulling the bib out from under the dishes! Not sure if I like this one…

October 31, 2009

Yeah this totally looks like a disaster waiting to happen

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