Madison Browne does cashmere

madison browne cashmere jumperMy husband and I joke that the upside to English weather is that you never have to switch out your winter wardrobe for your summer one, and you can wear cashmere all year long! (Seriously, yes — summer is really that bad here.) Now, buying cashmere for your kids does seem a bit indulgent… but it’s just so cozy it’s hard to resist! And, if you live here in the UK it’s easier to justify.

The lovely online children’s boutique, Madison Browne, has just launched their own line of children’s cashmere… and it’s divine! The fit is nice and narrow and the styles are really sweet — stripey sweaters, cute cardigans, all-in-one babygros. And pretty reasonably priced too, considering it’s cashmere.

And what’s even better, you can receive 20% off at Madison Browne if you enter promo code BABYCCINO20 at check-out!



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