Fun hats from Ikea

It must be Halloween season because dress-up items are everywhere in the kid’s section at Ikea! They’ve brought out again the funny masks that Courtney wrote about a while ago (although I could not find the ladybird or the chick), and in the same Maskerade collection they have added these fun hats which can definitely be a good starting point for a simple costume. They have velcro at the back, so they should fit kids of any age and head size.
I bought a few of them for our costume basket and the children love them; my son is so funny with the viking helmet plus beard. They are not in the catalogue or on their website… but they are there, trust me!



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October 27, 2009

I am obsessed with Ikea. For any of you making a trip there be sure to also check out their tea-party plates, cups and utensils in the children’ section. Just got them for my girls and they are a hit.

October 29, 2009

I noticed that also at our IKEA- I bought that joker hat just for dress-up play, and a fruit hat. I also have a birthday cake hat from a previous visit. But our IKEA 9in germany) did not have those other cute hats! I want those too! At about 5 euro each, you can’t go wrong. I’ll have to make another visit to see if they have any of the other ones you’re pictured.

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