Last-minute DIY Halloween costumes

DIY lion costumeThankfully my boys let me off the hook this year. The older one has decided he wants to be a ghost for Halloween (how easy is that?!) and the other one is happy to use his brother’s costume from last year. We’re set.

But… I did have a temporary freak-out last week when I realized I wasn’t prepared at all for Halloween.  So I searched the web for DIY costume ideas, and of course I found it on Etsy.  You have to check out these darling ideas for turning a simple sweatsuit into a costume.  The kits include simple step-by-step instructions, felt and necessary fabric, and needle & thread.  So brilliant! I love the shark and the lion.

I am so doing this next year.



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October 27, 2009

I love these DIY ideas! I remember growing up we ALWAYS made our Halloween costumes and the process was almost more exciting then wearing it. I think it’s a bad sad that now a days parents run out and by their children the ‘perfect’ costume. These ideas are so easy and way more fun!

November 15, 2014

[…] Monkey. […]

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