Parlour and board games — endless family fun!

October 8, 2009

scrabbleSpeaking about Simple Living — what better family entertainment can you think of than old-fashioned parlour and board games??  I think my kids are probably too little for strategy classics such as Chess, Checkers, Backgammon, or Monopoly— but I can’t wait until they are big enough because I just LOVE to sit around a big table and play games!
I recently challenged my husband to a few games of Scrabble (he lost), and it brought back such great memories of playing Scrabble with my mum on a winter evening.  My grandmother and I have played endless rounds of RummyCub, so cosy…
As a student I played loads of Yahtzee with my housemates (still love the mix of strategy and luck; did you know dice were found in Egyptian tombs?).  And Twister! Such fun!!!

The great benefit of playing parlour games (over f.i. watching television or playing computer games), apart from being fun and cheap, is that you’re interacting.  Children learn to follow rules, wait for their turns, and to correct and challenge each other. It trains their strategic thinking and problem solving abilities, and can improve their skills. They also have to deal with the emotional consequences of their games: handling loss, helping a friend to handle a loss, and being a gracious winner…

Round of Scrabble, anyone??

xxx Esther


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October 8, 2009

Oh my gosh… I LOVE scrabble. My husband and I are really into games like this. We usually play a game of Cribbage after dinner every night. Lately, we’ve even been playing a bit of chess. (Nerdy, I know, but I love it!)
You should see us, two oldest children, so competitive when it comes to games. (And I usually win too!) 🙂 ha ha…

October 8, 2009

Games are the best. By the way, I have never met anyone as competitive as Courtney when it comes to games. She is hilarious!

October 8, 2009

I like playing Scrabble games. I play with my sisters during our spare hours and this is a great source of our bondings. Playing Scrabble is not only fun, it helps us sharpen our minds as well. ^_^

October 9, 2009

I have always loved Scrabble and my husband’s aunt recently gave our son Junior Scrabble and we have been giving it a workout this school holidays and it is so much fun! Other great games for little people are The Spider’s Web (A Game of Escape) and The Very Hungry Caterpillar Game. There’s so many great games and lots you can make yourself too.

October 9, 2009

My daughter and I play UNO regularly!

It is so addictive that usually it’s me saying ‘just one more game…!’.

I recently taught her Boggle which she has become obsessed with…better that than the Nintendo I figure!!

October 14, 2009

completely agree with this article. it is great to keep life easy and nice and “together!”. same as you, I cant wait to play all these with my 3 year old boy. kisses from Spain

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