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pavement paintingYes, simple ideas are often the best and two of the places I go for them are the blogs of illustrator, interior designer and all-round creative Antonia Pesenti and Brooke Reynolds from Inchmark Journal. Antonia once did a post on painting with water on concrete, and often I think of it because it’s simple, easy and completely un-messy. Likewise I really enjoy the books Brooke shares on her blog and her craft and cooking projects too. Well worth a look.



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October 6, 2009

what a wonderfull blog from antonia pesenti!! painting with water is the best! at isis her day care center the kids are occupied all day pinting on the walls and the street.

October 6, 2009

I love this idea! Simple and easy and mess-free!

October 7, 2009

What a lovely original idea!

October 8, 2009

That’s so funny – I thought my son had invented painting with water! We were at the park on a very hot day last summer – my daughter was happily playing with friends but my son was getting grumpy and ‘nagging’ to leave! I had 2 paintbrushes in my handbag (having just purchased them) so to distract him i gave him the bag to hold and told him he would be in charge of the painting when we got home…5 minutes later he was painting the wooden bench with water and wouldn’t leave when it was time! The rest is history…I always remember to keep paintbrushes in my car/bag now!

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