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tub trugsThe time has finally come to stop washing Little C in the bathroom sink. He’s 15 months old now (how did that happen?!) and we almost have to oil him to get him out of the teeny tiny basin. In our new apartment we don’t have a bath, and I don’t really want to buy a baby bath – after all, what on earth do I do with it once he’s finished with that! Space is at too much of premium to just store things. So I’ve taken the plunge and bought a Tubtrug from the Australian storage mecca of Howards Storage World. I know some of you probably have a Tubtrug already to store toys, but I was won over by the new shallow design (and that sunny yellow). It kind of reminded me of the paddling pools I had as a child and thought it would make the perfect bath… and washing basket, and toy storage…



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September 28, 2009

It is indeed a whole lot better than a baby bath! I love this one from star-fish!

September 28, 2009

Is a cute basin but do you think that your 15 months old son would fit in that size? it is more appropriate to use some tub than that. It seems very dangerous for a child to be in there, I think it is dangerous for him. As i can see a teddy bear fits the green basin what more if a child will fit in that yellow basin.

September 28, 2009

What a cute idea to use the Tubtrug as a baby bath. There are so many baby products on the market these days, and seriously if we bought them all, they would just take over the house.

September 28, 2009

I don’t think it is good to wash a baby in plastic. The chemicals leach in hot water. Our baby really loves showers. You just have to put some pants on the baby so it isn’t too slippery. And it is much easier to wash baby’s hair since the water doesn’t get in the eyes when you tilt baby’s head back.

September 29, 2009

Rest assured, Little C fits more than comfortably in the yellow tub. It’s massive! It’s just like a paddling pool and he LOVES it. He splashes his arms like nobody’s business. The diameter is about 80cm – so very wide.

And it doesn’t seem slippery. In fact, the only time I tried to give him a shower (not very successfully) he had a big slip and slide and fell badly whereas he can stand easily in this and hasn’t fallen (yet – of course, these things happen – but I’m supervising him at all times).

I’m no scientist but I don’t think there’s a problem with chemicals leaching into the water. It can’t be much different from other plastic baby baths out there.

We all have different things that work for us – and the Tub trug is working great for us. n

September 29, 2009

We used a tubtrug for quite a while (i think the size was like the green one in the pic) and my son loved it. It worked great for us – uses less water than a full bath, and it’s warm and cosy (we filled it up completely – of course never leaving him unattended).

There’s no way we would get him in a shower. He was too scared – still doesn’t like getting water on his head/in his eyes and ears.
I think it’s a great thing to take with you on a vacation also – in case the place you are renting only has a shower. Fill it with stuff in the trunk of the car, then use it as a bath when you arrive 🙂

October 9, 2009

As much as I like this blog for its shopping tips, it is occasionally insensitive with regard to serious health issues. I am not a scientist either, but there is a lot of press and research on the matter of plastics leaching chemicals into our water and food. These chemicals are known as “environmental estrogens” because they mimic the effects of female sex hormones … leading to earlier puberty in girls and lower testosterone levels in boys. Then there are also effects on brain development.

In this case, the child is probably okay because water must be boiling hot to cause leaching. However, this issue also involves metal cans, sports bottles and reusable plastic bottles, which leach when crinkled and/or left out in the sun.

My real point is that you have a responsibility to your online community and it saddens me when I see posts that shrug off serious health matters. I remember a post about feeding babies berries; it insinuated that some parents are paranoid in their concern. In general, you all seem like considerate, loving mothers and I understand this is a blog, not a professional publication, but some few times, there has been a blase attitude about serious matters that cause others real suffering.

October 9, 2009

Hi Annie,
Thank you for leaving us a comment, and for voicing your concern and criticism. I’m so sorry that we have made you feel like we are brushing off serious issues and taking a blase attitude to certain health topics. Your concern about plastics is completely legitimate, and I believe it’s something we have to be more aware of.
The topic of health is obviously a very sensitive issue, and I think we have tried to be honest about our opinions and different parenting styles and certainly didn’t intend to insinuate that people who felt differently were wrong or paranoid.
We will try to be more aware of this issue in the future, being more open minded about different opinions, etc. And I do hope that you will continue to voice your opinions here on Babyccino.

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