Snook velcro sneakers

snook velcro sneakersThe teachers at my sons’ school have asked that kids wear either slip-on or velcro sneakers. Apparently they don’t love tying the laces of 20 different high-top Converse All-Stars. (Who can blame them?) But… cute velcro sneakers are difficult to find!

I recently bought a pair of these Snook sneakers for my youngest son, and they’re really cute. They’re very simple in their design, and probably the least ‘clunky’ of all the velcro shoes I’ve seen. More importantly, they’re really easy to take on and off, which makes my life easier as well as the teachers’.

They’re available online from Little Fashion Gallery.



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September 14, 2009

Hi Courtney

Thank you for your post ! the leather model will be online today …


September 14, 2009

Exactly my dilemma at the moment! Unfortunately, I don’t think I can coerce my daughter into these lovelies, but happy to know there may be some hope out there:)

September 17, 2009

Yeah, the shoes are cute and comfortable,I think. But the shoes are suitable for boys,not girls.

September 17, 2009

I really like the leather ones, they could work for girls I think!

November 16, 2009

I think the girls will love this shoe, boys may not like it

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