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robba5I know I risk an immediate turn of the weather by writing about fur hats now that we finally have some sunny weather here in the the Netherlands, but this beauty by Robba Vecchia hanging in my daughter’s bedroom secretly makes me long for SNOW!

Robba Vecchia is a new French fashion brand that focuses exclusively on girls aged 4 to 12 years old.  Nathalie Sadoune, the designer, was raised by her grandmother, who was a visiting couture dressmaker in Nice, so she grew up amidst ribbons, feathers and silk.  How romantic is that?  No surprise that Nathalie’s collections are overflowing with romance!

The new Robba Vecchia winter collection is trendy and very rich in fabrics and detail.  Fur hats, waistcoats and bags, checked blouses, low baggy trousers, cool tunics — delightful!  I will certainly be shopping more from this collection when it gets colder here.  And who knows, maybe with some effort I could squeeze myself into a size 12??

xxx Esther


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September 10, 2009

MMm, i don’t know Esther.. Weird message you’re sending your kids giving them fur clothing. I’m sure not a lot of kids would like to wear it when they understand what it’s made of..

September 10, 2009

This brand is really beautiful — all the pieces are really unique and have some sort of interesting detail.

I sort of have to agree with Leine though… as I’m not sure I would buy fur clothing for my kids either.

I would probably wear an old fur coat passed down from my grandmother, but I wouldn’t ever buy one for myself, and especially not for my kids (if, for nothing else, the fact that they would destroy such an extravagant thing)!

But I like everything else by this designer! 🙂

September 10, 2009

OBVIOUSLY this is fake fur!!!!!!

(I wouldn’t immediately put fur on my kids but I find it an interesting discussion. Like eating meat yes/no.
As we know, the much loved UGG boots are made of sheepSKIN. There’s nothing wrong with rabbit skin if you’re eating the rabbit anyway! Shoes are made out of leather, a cow has to die for it, but we eat the meat anyway… Unless you’re vegan of course. I think a lot of the fur discussion is valuable but a lot of it is said with total ignorence of what is really going on!
I love and respect animals, grew up surrounded with them (my dad is a veterinarian). In my opinion fur is fine as long as wild animals don’t have to die for it, as long as the rest of the animal is ‘used’ too and as long as the animal had a respectable life and died without stress. I am definetely going to pass on THIS message to my kids!!!)

September 11, 2009

I agree with you, Esther, in principle I am not again kids wearing leather. I have to said I was also a little bit taken aback when I first saw this post. I am not quite sure why, but when I first looked at the photos, the idea of a little girl in a full-on fur coat was a bit much.
Funnily enough, once you pointed out that it was actually fake fur, it made a lot more sense.

September 13, 2009

Italians well-off ladies wear real fur coats all the time.
I hate it, I’m sorry.
Most of the more precious furs come from animals that have been raised just for the purpose of coat making.
For me it’s an aesthetical thing, I just do not like the look of furs.
Fake fur is fake, but it somehow passes on the idea that furs are fashionable.
Give me a cashmere coat all the time!
But this is just my feeling… and in any case robbavecchia collection is truly fantastic, except for the fur of course!

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