Music Together in the city

musictogether.jpgI started going to Music Together when my girls were 6 months old. They sat on my lap like two blobs back then and we continued to go once a week until they started pre-school. While NYC offers a million “mommy and me” type classes I found that we enjoyed Music Together the most. Its grassroots, back to basics approach is the type of class that I love. No flash, no bubble machine, just good old catchy tunes sung by a teacher, in jeans, with a guitar. Take a trial class to see which teacher you like as some are better than others. I would say that it is mainly geared for the younger set but it’s a great way to start kids out on a life long love of music and they offer classes everywhere. It also gave me a wide repertoire of kid’s songs to sing at home freeing me from the shackles of what seemed like a never ending loop of “Wheels on the bus”.



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