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FamilyOutinginOldCar1900We are doing quite a lot of driving this summer which is not really the most exciting thing for kids to do. Sooner or later on every drive my eldest daughter informs us that she needs to vomit! She is mostly crying wolf and is only just bored, but it is always a great way of getting my attention. I have now figured out that the best way of testing if she is really feeling a bit crock or not is by getting her to sing. My reasoning behind this is that a person who is about to vomit does not feel like singing…

So now there is a lot of singing going on in our car (most of my friends would freak at this notion, as I cannot sing for the life of me) and this is our repertoire: ‘Old Macdonald’, ‘Yellow Submarine’, ‘Molly Malone’, the first verse of ‘Lemon Tree’ by Peter, Paul and Mary. We also mix in a bit of ‘No No No’ by Destinys Child, prompted by the 16-month-old as that is the only song she knows the words to, literally.  Now, I am interested, what do other families sing? Any suggestions on how to expand our repertoire?

We have another 6-hour journey ahead of us soon and I do not know how often I will be able to deal with  these old faithfuls…

– Emilie




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August 31, 2009

We like ‘wind the bobin up’, and ‘bear necesseties’ (Jungle Book) and then there’s a whole lot of Dutch songs, mainly St. Nicholas and Christmas songs which we’re only supposed to sing in December but we like them all year round!
(The advantage is that we know these songs really well when the time is ripe!!)

August 31, 2009

Oh, and what about all the songs from ‘A sound of music’? Do, a deer, a female deer…

Annie Bai
September 1, 2009

if the kids have a favorite film, you can play the soundtracks for them. my boys loved the american movie “cars,” and they can listen to the music for nearly an hour; it is like reliving the movie for them.

we also sing “the wheels on the bus,” “b-i-n-g-o,” “splish splash i was taking a bath,” … oh my, i don’t know what you’re familiar with, but we can spend hours singing along with our favorite children’s artists: laurie berkner, enzo garcia, jack johnson, the wiggles, raffi … john lithgow does a great “a you’re adorable” that is available on itunes.

September 1, 2009

We love our Putumayo “Sesame Street Playground”-cd. Singing along with all those different languages seems hard, but after an hour you are a professional in the Indian and Portugese language 😉

September 1, 2009

We also sing. Last time we were in France we bought the cd ‘chanter en voiture’. I can recommand it! My girls sing along, although they don’t speak french.

September 2, 2009

A couple of recommendations …

We’ve found the songs on this CD to be a huge hit:

Another one that my 2 year old really loves is Jay Laga’aia – Come Dance and Sing. Although some of the songs will resonate more with Aussie, Kiwi and Pacific Island kids, there are plenty of great catchy songs, and you quickly pick up all the words. Here’s a link:


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