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travel bugI had a big “ah-ha” moment when I realised just how important travelling was for me. It’s quite common for Australians to do a big trip to Europe when they’re in their twenties. Many live there, as I did for a couple of years. But once those people return to Australia rarely do they venture back out into the wide world, other than to, say, Bali or Fiji. But I can’t live without travel. It’s the one time that I actually switch off completely from work and my day-to-day responsibilities and allow myself to dream.

I don’t need a big house or new car or designer clothes, but I do need to travel to new places. All of this sprung to mind when I saw this picture — I started to yearn to take Little C away with me. It’s from Australian brand Infancy’s Spring Summer collection.



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August 26, 2009

So good to hear others with the same need to travel – even if you have small children. I just love to travel – and just like you, I’d choose traveling over expensive clothes or a fancy car any day.

We take our children (2 and 5) traveling abroad when we can (take time off and afford to..). The reaction from other parents is often that “the children have a better holiday without the hassle of traveling by plane” etc, and that we are “selfish” taking them traveling.

But I know that our children are happy to be with us no matter where we are, and I believe that they will learn from this traveling and from being in foreign countries, seeing different cultures, languages etc – also from an early age.

(Of course we choose destinations not too far away, and areas that are not considered dangerous regarding crime or diseases.)

August 26, 2009

me too, i am a wandering soul, newly with babe.
we took our 6 week old to hawaii and weathered many a judgemental comment or too, but it was so worth it. he was oh-so-portable and more importantly, we were seeing daddy off for a 4 month assignment and any extra q time was so so so worth it! now i am trying to decide if the 4 month old will do as well on a longer trip to visit daddy onsite … can’t quite get a read on my gut instinct this time.

i look forward to hearing more about your travels.

August 26, 2009

I love to travel, but I have to admit that I have not done any “serious” travel since I had kids. We have taken them abroad of course, and on planes… but never a major multiple destinations trip.
But I can’t wait….in one or two year maximum I want to start travelling with my children, time and money permitting of course.

August 26, 2009

wow – you could have been writing about me! I so agree with your comment about not needing a big house or new car or designer clothes (though my house could be a BIT bigger !) – for my husband and I, its all about life experiences, both at home and overseas.
Have just stumbled onto your blog today – I love it!

August 27, 2009

I love the photo on the Infancy website with all those kids on all those suitcases. So cute!

And I totally agree with you about not needing many material things, but definitely being able to travel.

It’s getting more and more difficult for us to travel the more kids we have. (And I promised I would never become one of ‘those’ parents…) 🙂

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