Handy hooks!


Hooks of all sorts can come in quite handy.  Think Captain Hook, what could the poor man have done without his handy hook..?
These hooks by Think King are INGENIOUS.  I wish I had them years ago!  They fit any buggy or pushchair, look cool, are well priced, and are in my opinion a must-have buggy accessory for any parent-with-pushchair!
Think King also makes a handy buggy cup holder/key bag.  Again, fits any buggy, but also any wheelchair, scooter, bike or bed.
Available through the Think King website, and in the Netherlands at

xxx Esther


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August 27, 2009

If you have an armrest, or a relatively flat surface, this cool cup holder has a great grip, and has saved the wife an I a few times, enabling kids to have their milk/juice.

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