Paris in the summer can get too much; it is hot, sticky, polluted and packed with people. The metro is unbearable and the boulevards become huge blazing heat tunnels, as there is nothing to block the sun.

Luckily enough, the sea and the little harbour town of Honfleur is only about 2 hours (and what feels like another world) away.

Though it doesn’t have its own beach, the village is centered on its own picture-perfect harbour and you can while away time wandering around the lovely little cobbled stone streets. If you feel like some beach fun you can find a long, sandy beach only 10 km away in Deauville.

The one place I would recommend (especially if you do happen to fall upon a rainy day), is the Satie Museum, la Maison Satie. Satie, a famous composer, grew up in the house but died in poverty so none of the original furnishings were left. This gave the curators a blank canvas to work with, and they managed to create one of the most inspiring museums I have ever visited. It is very interactive so it will keep both parents and children mesmerized.

We stayed in a hotel called Hotel des Loges, which is a lovely modern hotel in the centre of the town. Though it is not specifically geared towards kids, it is super kid friendly. Nothing seems to be a problem; I was able to use the hotel breakfast kitchen to cook dinner for my kids, and to keep food in. The owner organized a babysitter for us and was really good at recommending kid-friendly things to do.

Honfleur is definitely worth visiting, even if you are just on holiday in Paris. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


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