Panna Cotta

panna cottaPanna Cotta is one of those easy, but elegant desserts I like to make when I have guests over.  For some reason, I usually don’t think of it as a summer dessert, but my mother-in-law served it a few days ago and it was fresh, light, and super summery after all.  I owe credit for my recipe to my sister, Katie, who got this version from her cooking professor one summer in Florence.

Panna Cotta: (8 servings)

-4 cups whipping cream, or half milk/half cream (950ml)
-½ cup sugar (60 grams)
-2 T vanilla (or insides of one vanilla bean)
-2 packages knox gelatin (or 4 sheets of sheet gelatin)

Soften gelatin as directed on package.

Heat the cream over low heat.  Add sugar and stir until dissolved.  Add vanilla.  Stir in gelatin until melted. Pour into individual serving bowls, espresso cups, or goblets, or into a cake mold as shown.  Chill in fridge.

Serve with fruit coulis (put berries, a touch of sugar, and a touch of lemon juice in blender), fresh berries, or chocolate sauce.


xx Rebecca

For a printable version of this recipe, click here.


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