The unspeakable. A trip to New Jersey.

science_of_survivalI kid. I am after all a New Yorker and it’s in my DNA to pick on New Jersey. Truth be told however, I find myself going there quite often with my kids on day trips. One of my very favorite go-to spots is the Liberty Science Center, which (dare I say) blows all of the kid’s museums in NYC out of the water. There are tons of things to do there and there is a separate contained Toddler play area with animal displays and all sorts of things to touch and climb on. One of our personal favorite exhibits is “My Hudson Home” which has giant tanks filled with fish and turtles and a water table with sand to scoop. It appeals to all ages beyond the toddler years and there is something for everyone to enjoy. The place is absolutely immaculate to boot and they have an incredible cafeteria with organic and healthy food for adults and children. Go early or late afternoon to avoid the school crowds and I guarantee a good time for all. Please note: bring blindfold for when you leave if you want to avoid the gift shop.



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October 26, 2009

If you really want to conquer your fears of leaving Manhattan, try the Staten Island Children’s Museum. Also blows anything in Manhattan out of the water.

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