Sack n Seat travel high chair

sacknseatI’ve just returned from a vacation in Paris, and realized how much stuff you need when you have a baby!  With my older daughter already 4 years old, I’d forgotten about all the gear one needs for a little one when traveling.  And in France, there are two baby essentials that are often lacking in public places:  a changing table and highchairs.  The changing table you can get away with, making do with a park bench or even changing a diaper discreetly in the stroller.  But what to do without a high chair?  I tried the first few days feeding my 8-month-old in her stroller, which was a disaster– she had orange puree all over herself and all over the stroller.  Ick.  Then I remembered seeing the Sack N Seat in a shop and ran out to get one! (I got mine at Monoprix in Paris.)  The Sack n Seat is a great portable high chair option– it fits over almost any chair, straps your baby in securely, and then folds up teeny tiny to stash away.  That way, baby C was happy as could be to “finger paint” with her lunch all over the cafe table, and not on her stroller! (If you look on the Sack n Seat website, they have a whole list of where to buy the product in countries all over.)

xx Rebecca


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August 13, 2009

i love hoppop bag/seat
it is also a booster and a hard bag

August 26, 2009

I just saw this at One Step Ahead… and grabbed it! I had a great baby seat that hooked onto the table, but taking it apart to throw the fabric parts through the was and the plastic parts through the dishwasher, was time consuming. This product is so great!

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