Paris Plage

August 13, 2009

paris plageIt is that time of year again here in Paris: the right bank of the Seine has been taken over by lounge chairs, palm trees, sun and sand.

If you happen to be in Paris for the month of August (most Parisians have left for the country and the city is spookily quiet) Paris Plage is the place to be. It has something for everyone: bars, a swimming pool and a great play area.

If you go in the mornings the “beach” is relatively quiet, even on the weekends, and it is a perfect place for kids to get rid of some excess energy. This year the place to be for kids is the area around the pont de Sully at the eastern edge of the beach.

The other area of Paris Plage around the basin de la Villette is great too, there is even a sailboat you can rent! I loved the idea of sailing around a canal in the middle of Paris, but so apparently do a lot of people so it is completely overbooked. If you have kids from 6 years upwards, there are some fantastic little pedalos that they can peddle around in, in a supervised area of the canal.

All of this has been sponsored by the Mairie of Paris so almost all the attractions are free!

– Emilie


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August 13, 2009

Sigh. Waiting for the teleporter to be invented so I can go this afternoon with the kids.

August 14, 2009

It is so funny that you posted this. We were just in Paris on Wednesday for a day trip during our family vacation to London and noticed the ad hoc beach sun bathers.

August 18, 2009

We went on Saturday and LOVED it! Thanks for the tip!!

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