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SuperStock_1555R-319521At the moment I am really enjoying cutting corners, recycling and making do with what we have, embracing a simple lifestyle. However, there are a few things that are not worth skimping on and children’s security is one of them, but being security conscious does not mean breaking the bank.

I found this article in the Guardian about how to choose a buggy sensibly and they had some really good tips.

I actually wish I had read it before getting mine. I am the proud owner of three buggies, and that is exactly two buggies too many!

– Emilie


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August 6, 2009

It’s so true that as parents we are totally inundated with products that we ‘must’ have. And often they are products with such a short life-span which we don’t really need at all. (And it all ends up in a landfill in the end.)
I am finding myself more ad more adopting a ‘back to basics’ type of parenting style. Why buy a sterilizer when you can just boil a pot of water? Who needs a fancy baby wrap thingamajig, when a basic blanket does the trick?

But a buggy is a different story. That is the one thing you shouldn’t skimp on. And I have to say, my favorite is still the Bugaboo. I’ve used the same one now for three kids, and never found anything I like better!

August 6, 2009

I am laughing at myself with this blog posting as my oldest is now 6 and I AGONIZED prior to my first buggie purchase about how I could buy ONLY 1 stroller. I dragged my poor hubby to about 6 stores and looked at probably no less than 50 strollers.
My garage currently has 5 strollers.

August 7, 2009

I just bought the 5th stroller…. I have to say that they are not a necessity but honestly there is not a single pram/pushchair that is ideal in all circumstances.
I do love my bugaboo, but my life would have not been the same without the maclaren, the graco double stroller was cheap and useful (although the phil&ted’s would have been better) and now the new three wheel all terain buggy is fantastic here in the mountains!

August 7, 2009

What a relief! I’m due in October with #3 and have been browsing and am just about convinced I need to buy stroller #4. Which seems so ridiculous, but you’re right, your needs change and they’re all different. The umbrella one was perfect for 1 baby, but once the family started growing….not so great.

August 9, 2009

We also have a few strollers to fit our needs…. A mutsy which is well-used in our many walking adventures in germany, a Maclaren for traveling, and our bike trailer actually converts to a stroller but we use it in that function rarely. I wish we could do it all with just 1 stoller but it just dosen’t work.

August 21, 2009

I spent hours on our stroller……..I read up on all the safety aspects and on suitability but in the end I got one I liked the look of….that was also high on safety standard….I love the image above – it reminds me of the pram my Mum had for us when we were kids.


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