Tante Ted

PrintWhat do you do when you’re a cook, have been cooking for ages, get a burn-out and need to find something else, something more therapeutic to do?  Right, sew.  And what to do when a friend gives birth to a little boy and you want to buy the little man a set of cool bedsheets, and come to the conclusion that cool bedsheets for boys are just nowhere to be found?  Right, sew cool bedsheets for boys.
Put one and one together and Tante Ted was born.  Ted Nuyten (very much a guy, even though ‘Tante Ted’ means ‘Auntie Ted’) looked extremely relaxed when I met him by coincidence last week, so I suppose the sewing therapy is working.  And his products are super cool as well — trendy, stylish and of truly great quality (and I’m picky when it comes to bedsheets, especially when it comes to ‘how they come out of the dryer’).

The Tante Ted bedsheets are available through the Tante Ted webshop (just drop Ted an email for orders outside the Dutch territories).  And they are still just for boys…  Bad luck for the girls, for a change ;-).

xxx Esther


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July 29, 2009

I love all the gingham! It’s so Dutch!

August 16, 2009

eindelijk! finally!

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