Diapees & Wipees

eiffeltower.jpgAs I contemplate the terrible task of packing for summer vacation, I’m making a mental checklist of all the baby necessities I’ll need to bring.  One on the top on my list is my Diapees & Wipees case.  I’ve had this thing for years now, and it has served me well– it holds a few diapers & a small pack of wipes.  I’ve also managed to squeeze in a baggie or two for extra dirty diaper disposal and even an extra onesie for the inevitable accident, along with a disposable changing pad.  Everything fits in a neat, cute, package — you have got to love the Eiffel Tower toile!   (Other great fabrics are available too.)  The case envelope is so compact that you can stash it easily in your purse and ditch the diaper bag.  And it is great when you travel– leave hubby with the luggage, grab your Diapees & Wipees and make a quick trip to the bathroom.  My daughter loves to play with it and gnaw on it when she is getting her diaper changed.   If you check out the website, there is a whole list of international resellers for this super-handy mom-invented product.

xx Rebecca


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July 30, 2009

sounds great. travel is a tricky business. do not get on the plane without a change of clothes. do not get on the plane without a good portable diaper pad. patemm pad is good because it’s round and portable or jelly which has the nice contour head or one of them. do not get on the plane without a toy that makes music or something more distracting for those diaper changes on the place. best,


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