Vintage children’s music

Vintage Children’s FavouritesThere’s something about vintage children’s music that is so refreshing.   Perhaps it’s the innocence of the songs or the slightly quirky melodies, or even the charming old accents of the artists who sang them.  Or maybe, more simply, it’s just nice to get a break from ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ and ‘Old Macdonald’.

We have the Vintage Children’s Favourites CD in our car right now and it is so much fun to listen to and sing along.  The songs date from the ’20s to the ’50s, and while some of them I recognized, many of them were new to me.  But I have to admit that after only a few days I was singing along to all of them.

Like Emilie mentioned, I’m totally into the retro-revival these days!



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August 14, 2009

Hi I just received my copy of this cd in post & my 2 year old daughter & I are having a blast singing & dancing along to it.
I had noticed she was starting to sing children’s TV show songs and pop songs from the radio along with the traditional nursery rhymes. When I read about this I thought it would be a perfect alternative.
Thanks Babyccino for yet another great tip.

October 13, 2009

Your blog is like an encyclopedia for those who want to know more about this. Thanks for the interesting information.

June 12, 2011

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