Mudpuppy magnets

mermaid.jpgMy daughter has gone through all the typically girly phases between 3 and 4 years old– first ballerina, then princess, and now mermaid obsessions. In a quest to come up with something other than more dress-up clothes for her birthday, I came across this: Mudpuppy Magnet Figures.  They are truly adorable — great illustrations, tons of magnets (not like some of the skimpy magnet sets I’ve had in the past), all in a great carry case.  The website says for ages 6+, but my daughter, who is just 4, has no problem with them.   The sets range from ballerina and princess kits to the cheeky “city girls” and on to monsters and robots for the boys.   I’m thrilled because they are a creative plaything that is also easily portable — great for upcoming summer vacations, no? They offer international shipping too — just email them for a quote.

xx Rebecca


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July 21, 2009

Very cute!

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