Millie’s Mayday

July 20, 2009

captain haydayAnnabel Bennetts & Mellany Robinson met at primary school and stayed in touch over the years that followed.  Annabel studied at Oxford, Mellany went to the Royal College of Art, they met their husbands, had some children, and at a certain point decided that they felt inspired to write and illustrate children’s books.  So they started their own publishing company (why not?), and a couple of weeks ago their first book, Millie’s Mayday, rolled from the press.

millies_mayday_jacketMillie’s Mayday is the first story in a series about four little tugs in Haven Harbour.  It’s Millie’s first day in the harbour, and she’s immediately up for a challenge — the big boat Li is in trouble!  Can Millie and her friends save the day?
Millie’s Mayday makes a lovely bedtime story. The story is interesting and the pictures are absolutely delightful. A promising start of a series, I must say!  (Millie’s Mayday is available from our bookshops!)

Annabel and Mellany will hopefully write more Haven Harbour books, but they started their publishing company By Parents for Children not just for themselves. They also want to encourage other parents to make the stories they tell to their children a reality. So if you have a story to tell, contact By Parents for Children and who knows, your own story might become a real book!

xxx Esther

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