Bonnets for babies — vintage handkerchiefs for brides!

KhW Baby BonnetsHaving a baby girl opens up a whole new world of products and concepts… like these beautiful vintage baby bonnets by kh:W Heirloom which has created such a unique and lovely concept — a baby bonnet made from a vintage handkerchief, which will be saved for many years until her wedding day!  Read below…

I’m a little hanky as square as square can be–
but with a stitch or two they made a bonnet out of me.
I’ll be atop your baby’s head on that first spring day–
Then nicely pressed and gently packed away.
Every lucky bride, so we’ve been told–
Must add to their finery something old.
So what could be better than to find little me–
With a few stitches snipped, a wedding hanky I will be.

Check out the website — it’s really so beautiful, all the photos and delicate details…



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