Little Wings

littlewings1.jpgLittle Wings is a young Dutch company that makes some of the cutest baby’s clothes I have ever seen. They have a permanent collection of Unisex essentials and then a small quarterly seasonal collection for boys and girls.
They use certified organic cotton and either natural dyes or eco-friendly chemical dye, to minimize the impact on the planet and maximize the health of the baby.
The clothes are simple and stylish, in very soft colours.
Everything comes in an elegant cream coloured box and each single item is packaged in a lovely organdi cotton bag that makes every piece look so special and unique.
The clothes look lovely on their website but I must admit I could not appreciate them fully until I was holding them. The people at Little Wings are perfectly aware of this, and for this reason they would like to develop their own “Tupperware” sales scheme, so that people can see the clothes before they buy them. If you feel like getting involved and earning a bit of extra money on the side, contact them!
In the meantime I will keep looking at my daughter wearing her Sirla dress…. simply adorable!



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July 14, 2009

Lovely piece. I should go to one of their parties!
Oh, I don’t have a baby. Darn.

September 3, 2010

lovly little dress, lovly color

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